Prepare for a life beyond student loans

You came to us for help with your student loans, and now we can provide you ongoing help and financial advice with our new wealth management firm!

Why SLP Wealth?

  • We’ve advised on over $3 billion in student loan debt, which means we’re experts in making sure student loan debt doesn’t get in the way of your financial goals.
  • We are a group of financial planners and coaches with years of experience helping everyday people seize control of their finances.
  • We can work with you whether you are just starting your first job or getting ready to retire.
  • We offer industry-specific advisory groups so you can work with a financial planner who knows the specific challenges of your field.

What we will do:

  • Focus on your top three financial pain points and make them a thing of the past
  • Always put your needs first: read more about the fiduciary standard here
  • Meet with you throughout the year to make updates to your plan when needed
  • Create manageable tasks to help you reach your goals

What we don’t do:

  • Push products that you don’t need
  • Waste your time with inefficient meetings
  • Talk down to you for asking questions or lacking certain knowledge

At SLP Wealth, our client-focused approach ensures that you receive personalized and practical financial advice that aligns with your priorities. We are committed to helping you navigate your financial journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Why choose SLP Wealth over others?

Watch the video below to hear from Student Loan Planner founder, and SLP Wealth partner, Travis Hornsby:

Ready to work with us?

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