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PA-specific financial planning services

You've navigated the rigorous journey of nursing school and gained invaluable experience through your profession. Your dedication, intelligence, and resilience shine through in your everyday work.

Just as effective patient care often involves collaboration within a healthcare team, achieving financial well-being can also benefit from a team approach. At SLP Wealth, we understand the distinctive challenges and triumphs that come with being a PA. Our team comprises fiduciary financial experts who specialize in addressing the financial needs of healthcare professionals like you. 

Wondering if you can retire comfortably? Dreaming of buying a home or planning for other major life goals? Concerned you might be missing out on tax-saving strategies? Stop second-guessing yourself. Let's work together to explore what's possible for your financial future.

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“Sam has been great getting us set up with multiple online accounts that help organize and better visualize Not only what our net net worth is but what is outgoing vs. incoming income. We also go over relatively frequently at meetings how we are hitting our goals to stay on track for short term and long-term goals. She is always quick to respond to a nudge message since I’ve been having car troubles lately and that could be a hiccup in plans. It feels really good to have someone on your side that you know will be able to help me through uncertain times in a world that can be quite complex.“


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