See Financial Independence More Clearly

Optometrist-specific financial planning services

You've dedicated years to your optometry practice, providing precise vision care and enhancing the ocular health of your patients with expertise and empathy. However, your profession comes with its unique set of financial challenges, requiring careful navigation to ensure long-term stability and prosperity.

As a trusted partner in your professional journey, we understand the financial hurdles optometrists often encounter. From managing cash flow fluctuations due to seasonal variations in patient visits or changes in insurance reimbursement rates to addressing the significant student loan debt accumulated during extensive education, we recognize the complexities of your financial landscape.

Are you considering expanding your practice, investing in advanced equipment, or exploring new avenues for specialization? Perhaps you're contemplating retirement planning in the absence of traditional pension plans for healthcare professionals. Whatever your aspirations, our team is here to collaborate with you, leveraging our expertise to address these challenges while aligning with your career objectives and personal goals.

Don't navigate these financial decisions alone, especially when juggling the demands of a fulfilling yet financially nuanced career in optometry. Schedule a consultation with one of our financial advisors today and take the first step toward strengthening your financial security and achieving peace of mind.



“Meagan has helped us feel confident that we are on a good track with our finances. In our couple of meetings we have discussed our goals and how to approach our savings/investments and student loans to achieve those goals.“


“After graduating, I checked all of the boxes to make sure we had life insurance, disability insurance, retirement, investments, etc., but I didn’t know much about how to make it work for us. Jared has been phenomenal at being impartial and giving us recommendations without being pushy. We have already met three times and he is helping us get everything setup to work for us in the best way possible.“


“She has taught me to put every dollar to “good use”. All of my income has a purpose and not just sitting in a bank account. I use to stress about finances and student debt but if you have a solid plan, it becomes much less daunting.“


Testimonials are from real customers who may have been compensated for reviews.