Smile Brighter with Financial Freedom

Dentist-specific financial planning services

Do you give yourself the same attention you give to your patients? In the same way you drill down into the details of your practice, or those in your chair, your finances deserve the same level of consideration. At SLP Wealth, we understand the unique financial terrain dentists navigate. We're here to tailor strategies to ensure that your financial plan is as robust as your patient care.

Our approach to financial planning isn't just about the numbers; it's about getting to know you, your dreams, and the nitty-gritty of dental life. Wondering how to make the most out of your paycheck as an associate or if you want to run the show as an owner? Thinking about bringing in some cool new tech or treatments but worried about the cash flow? Not sure what an S-Corp is and if you should file as one?

We got you covered. Let’s mold complexity into clarity.




“I just bought into a dental practice, so my previous budgeting protocols were no longer enough. My financial planner helped onboard me into a wealth tracker that automatically uploads recent loans, payments, and cash flow so I can see how I do over time. This data is invaluable with all of the new facets to my finances with practice ownership.”


Testimonials are from real customers who may have been compensated for reviews.