Create a Lesson Plan for Your Financial Freedom

Teacher-specific financial planning services

You already made it through school to earn your teaching credentials, a testament to your intelligence and perseverance. So, when it comes to managing your finances, we know you're more than capable. But just as effective teaching often involves collaboration with colleagues and parents, achieving financial well-being can also benefit from a team-based approach.

At SLP Wealth, you’re not getting salespeople. You're gaining access to fiduciary financial experts who understand the unique challenges and opportunities you face as an educator. Wondering if you can retire comfortably? Thinking of buying your dream home? Concerned you might be missing out on tax-saving opportunities?

Stop wondering. Let’s explore what’s possible.
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“It has helped me wrap my brain around all of my finances, especially my debt. It can get very overwhelming to have debt, but also goals I want to achieve. It has helped to be able to see the big picture, but to also be able to break it all down in small steps.“


“We only just started working with SLP as financial planners, but we did two student loan consults that were some of the most valuable time we ever spent. We love how SLP really cares about our goals and works with us where we are to help us understand what we can do to achieve them. We’re big fans of SLP. “


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