Insurance Advice

At SLP Wealth, we offer a meticulously tailored financial planning service that extends beyond standard advice. We help you navigate the often complex realm of insurance, ensuring you have the appropriate coverage without any unnecessary extras.

Our offerings

1. Insurance Needs Analysis

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we perform a thorough analysis of your unique situation to identify your exact insurance needs. We are committed to ensuring that you are properly protected, without recommending products or services that aren’t necessary for your circumstances.

2. Life Insurance Guidance

While most of our clients only require term life insurance, determining the appropriate amount to buy can be a challenging task. We simplify this process, guiding you to a decision that best fits your lifestyle and financial goals.

3. Disability Insurance Evaluation

Employer-offered disability insurance can be beneficial, but often these policies aren’t “portable,” meaning you lose coverage if you change jobs. We’ll help you evaluate your options, including group versus individual policies, to make sure you maintain consistent, adequate coverage.

4. Health Insurance Selection

Choosing the right health insurance plan during open enrollment can be overwhelming. High deductible plans may be advantageous in some situations but not in others. We provide valuable insight and advice to help you select a plan that caters to your health needs and financial situation.

Fiduciary Advice

As fiduciaries at SLP Wealth, our role is to act in your best interest. We assist you in making informed insurance decisions, ensuring you have the right coverage when it matters most, and providing peace of mind for your financial future.