Travis Hornsby

Hey, I’m Travis Hornsby. I retired as a bond trader at one of the world’s largest investment companies at 25 amid a desire to travel the world and feel like our clients would succeed regardless of the choices I helped them make.

After a few years, I discovered I could use those bond trader Excel skills to model complex student loan repayment strategies, founding Student Loan Planner in 2016.

With over 10,000 clients, our team of financial planners at Student Loan Planner decided we could do more together than apart to help our clients live their best lives. The idea for SLP Wealth was born, and we hope to break down all obstacles on the path to your journey to financial freedom with incredibly valuable and actionable financial planning.

Travis lives with his wife and two kids in Chapel Hill, where he’s doing his best to survive the preschool years and chasing toddlers around. Despite years of football ineptitude, he cheers on the Florida Gators and loves hiking and camping with friends.

In addition, he authored two books on financial independence and money management, Mastering Money in Your 20s and 30s and 25 IS THE NEW 65: How to “Retire” Outrageously Early and Do Whatever the Heck You Want.


Student Loans, Investment Strategies, Physician Mortgages, Insurance


Travis has a BA in Statistics and Economics from the University of Florida.


CFA and CFP®

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