Gabe Rooker

As the self starter of the home renovation company Roobiks Builds, Gabe is a seasoned practicing carpenter and the creative force behind the Design-to-construction movement for fences, decks, ADU’s, and stunning design renders showcased on SketchUp and Chief Architect. Prior to establishing a residential construction company in the Pacific Northwest, Gabe worked as a builder for Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking, contributing his expertise to the FGHS Viking Home showcased on the Street of Dreams.

Beyond his mastery in carpentry, Gabe has a specialized athletic background, having excelled as a swimmer in both the US Olympic trials, NCAA DIV 1 Athletics. Complimenting his athletic achievements, he earned his BS in Petroleum Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Physics from the University of Wyoming, proudly cheering for the “Go Pokes!” team.

Adding a unique dimension to his professional career, Gabe practices as a Certified Student Loan Consultant (CLSC) at the renowned company Student Loan Planner. His financial acumen has been instrumental in consulting approximately ~$58M in student loans, while saving ~$20M in the process through strategized repayment strategies. Gabe’s commitment to financial wellness reflects his dedication to helping others navigate the complex landscape of student loans with expertise and finesse.

Born and raised in Pacific Northwest, Gabe cherishes outdoor adventures with family and friends in the extended Portland area. However, his second haven lies in the Arizona deserts, where he, accompanied by his longtime partner Astrid, relishes the tranquility of Paradise Valley and occasional hikes in Sedona. Gabe’s passion extends to crafting custom home furniture within his “Trailer shop” nestled in the heart of the desert.


Student Loans, Financial Analysis, Industry Specific Planning Expertise: Engineering


Gabe holds a bachelors in Petroleum Engineering and a Bachelors of Applied Science- BASc, Mathematics from the University of Wyoming


Certified Student Loan Counselor (CSLC®)